The LL.M. International Business Law (IBL) is a one-year programme, running from September to July. The academic calendar is structured into three terms. Students may choose to enroll in the programme on a part-time basis, extending the coursework over two academic years.

To meet the LL.M. degree requirements, students must complete a total of 60 ECTS, including a minimum of 50 ECTS from IBL courses and seminars. Students are free to choose courses from the other LL.M. programmes, allowing them to design their own curriculum in accordance with their academic interests and career goals. IBL students may obtain minors in Corporate Law, Finance and Macroeconomic Policies, Investment and Trade, Contract Law, and Tax Law, and have them officially recorded on their transcript. To obtain a minor, students must complete all the courses within the relevant specialization field.

LL.M. classes fall into two categories. Besides courses that are designed by some of the world’s top experts to give up-to-date knowledge on different fields of law, the LL.M. curriculum includes a selection of skills seminars that prepare students for the real-world challenges of legal practice.

The 2024-2025 curriculum is outlined below. Please note that adjustments may be made before the beginning of the academic year.


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