Clara Piazza_student

Clara Piazza

Blue Book Trainee at the European Commission (DG MOVE)
LL.M. Law in a European and Global Context | 2021-2022

This LL.M. in Law in a European and Global Context has been, and will continue to be, an eye-opening experience. Católica’s international faculty guides its students towards a bright future and a successful professional career by allowing them to get the heart of the dynamics of a series of topical issues, such as sustainability and digitalisation, through the lenses of law. This programme completely matches my desire to understand the current societal challenges and apply legal skills in context, while providing me with useful tools to think critically on the ongoing crises.

Iulia Vaccar

Iulia Madalina Vacar

Exchange semester at Cornell Law School | 2021-2022
LL.M. Law in a European and Global Context | 2019-2020

The LL.M. program truly teaches law in a European and Global context and provides you with a top-notch international legal education. The courses are tailored around up to date subjects and important issues while combining law with economics, political and social sciences. Apart from that, the University gathers top academics from around the world as well as an international and very diverse body of students.  

One of the unique features that I really appreciate is the Total law approach, which sets the program apart from traditional teaching methods. All classes are conducted in a socratic and dialogical way, where sharing ideas and carrying fruitful debates takes priority. 


Maria José Schmidt-Kessen_FOTO

Maria José Schmidt-Kessen

Assistant Professor, Central European University
LL.M. Law in a European and Global Context | 2010-2011

I graduated from the LL.M. in Law in a European and Global Context in 2011. The LL.M. at Católica put me on my career path, but I did not know it at the time! After writing a research thesis on the possibility of setting up a specialized EU intellectual property court I thought I’d had enough of academia. After training and working with several agencies and a law firm, however, I realized that I missed being in an international environment, developing my own ideas, engaging with societal developments, and learning something new every day. In a nutshell, all the things I had experienced during my LL.M. When I contacted my former professors to ask for guidance and support in applying for a PhD position at the European University Institute, I got very helpful replies, encouragements, reference letters… and was accepted for the PhD programme! Looking back at my experience at Católica, I realize that the structure of the LL.M., the small class sizes, the diverse student body, and the inspirational teachers all provided me with a perfect basis to embark in an international academic career – a decision that I have not regretted until this day.

Maria Temudo

Maria Salomé Temudo

LL.M. Corporate Law - New York University | 2019-2020
LL.M. Law in a European and Global Context | 2018-2019

"Studying at Católica Global School of Law has redefined my legal career. As a Portuguese trained lawyer, I was accustomed to solving legal problems using a national, traditional approach. However, the digital economy and dissolution of physical borders have created a demand for lawyers that think globally. For those aspiring to have a differentiated international career or to understand the intricacies of the new “era” of globalization, this type of program is not merely an option, but a requirement. To that end, the LL.M. in a European and Global Context went beyond my expectations. Not only was I able to rediscover my own hometown while making friends from different parts of the world, but I was also able to understand, through them, different legal perspectives and engage in intellectually stimulating conversations and debates that shaped the way I see and practice law. The innovative “Total Law Approach” encouraged by a first-class faculty allows each student to go beyond the materials assigned, play with “what if” questions and redesign legal solutions to today's problems. Also, the learning atmosphere is extremely stimulating. Both students and professors work together to challenge you to go beyond your own preconceptions, biases and segmented view of the legal world. The whole environment revolves around exceeding your own limits and turn yourself into a better legal professional, critical thinker and citizen of the world. I could not recommend this programme enough and I can state, without a doubt, that my professional path would not have been the same without it!" 

Paul Knipper

Paul Knipper

Clerk, District Court of Potsdam
LL.M. Law in a European and Global Context | 2020-2021

Coming from a legal education that mainly focusses on the domestic jurisdiction, I really loved the broad perspective the Católica LL.M. has shown me. 
Although I was most interested in the European and International legal aspects, I also had the chance to look into business and digital law, allowing me to broaden my horizon and get insights in entirely new fields. I was also quite excited to meet Professors and fellow students from all across the world, discuss the different approaches to law as well as meeting up and enjoying the wonderful city of Lisbon after class. 

_Rita Sobral

Rita Sobral

Associate at Cleary Gottlieb, New York
LL.M. Law in European and Global Context | 2012-2013

Looking back at my educational and international career trajectory (with enriching experiences across Europe, the United States and Latin America), there is no doubt in my mind that the time spent at Católica Global School of Law was a key driver to my personal and professional success and fulfillment. The LL.M. program on Law in a European and Global Context triggered my curiosity in unprecedented ways and allowed me to develop a very solid, innovation driven analytical skillset. I felt integrated in a community of extremely smart, passionate and collegial lawyers motivated to rethink the legal system and find creative solutions, and led by world renowned scholars on each of the matters we focused on. All this while living in sunny, beautiful Lisbon! I undoubtedly recommend this experience and would go through it again any day!


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