Clara Piazza

Blue Book Trainee at the European Commission (DG MOVE)
LL.M. Law in a European and Global Context | 2021-2022

This LL.M. in Law in a European and Global Context has been, and will continue to be, an eye-opening experience. Católica’s international faculty guides its students towards a bright future and a successful professional career by allowing them to get the heart of the dynamics of a series of topical issues, such as sustainability and digitalisation, through the lenses of law. This programme completely matches my desire to understand the current societal challenges and apply legal skills in context, while providing me with useful tools to think critically on the ongoing crises.



Duarte Veríssimo dos Reis

Associate at Cadwalader, Wickersham & Taft, London
LL.M. Law in European and Global Context | 2016-2017

The LL.M. in Law in a European and Global Context was a pivotal point in my academic and professional path, as it opened the doors to my international career. Católica Global School of Law’s faculty is remarkably distinctive and its innovative pedagogical approach prepared me to navigate the processes of qualifying in different jurisdictions, to face the challenges that arise when working in multijurisdictional deals, and allowed me to develop a skillset focused on critical thinking which would prove to be essential to lawyering.


Filipe Martinho Ferreira

Trainee Lawyer at Uría Menéndez
LL.M. International Business Law | 2021-2022

Shortly before graduating, I had to decide what path I would take in the following academic year: either to start working; to apply for a traditional Master's degree; or to enroll in an innovative program that would complement my Portuguese Law degree by offering a disruptive, global point of view, together with students from all around the world.
I chose the third option and applied for the LL.M. in International Business Law at Católica Global School of Law. Today, I know I could not have made a better choice.
With an avant-garde curriculum taught by professors from the best Law Schools in the World, this LL.M. allowed me to complement the impeccable theoretical training of my Law Degree with a transnational approach focused on solving global problems through practical learning.
I left Católica Global School of Law better prepared to deal with, and critically analyze any situation I face, whether it be on an academic, professional, or personal front.


Hanna Herzog

Trainee at EUIPO
LL.M. Law in European and Global Context| 2022-2023

After graduating from Católica Global School of law, obtaining an LL.M. degree in Law in a European and Global Context, the traineeship at the EUIPO is the perfect match for me. As a trainee, I will broaden my knowledge in both EU Law as well as in Intellectual Property Law. This will prepare me well for my future career in an international position.



Heloisa Gaidarge Bueno

Trainee at EUIPO
LL.M. Law in European and Global Context| 2022-2023

I am thrilled at the opportunity to take part in the EUIPO’s PES program. This unique opportunity will allow me to broaden my perspective on IP law in the EU’s public sector. I am looking forward to building a solid foundation in this field.


Laura Fonteneau

Trainee at EUIPO
LL.M. Law in European and Global Context| 2020-2021

I am beyond grateful for the opportunity given by the PES Traineeship program. Being offered a position such as this one is extremely significant for me. It is the perfect ending to my law school journey, and an even better beginning to my professional one. I am looking forward to working alongside the EUIPO officers, to learn from and with them.


Lúcia Frazão

Blue Book Trainee at the European Commission (DG CNECT)
LL.M. Law in a Digital Economy | 2020-2021

It was the LL.M. Law in a Digital Economy at Católica Global School of Law that gave me the core skills to initiate my career in the DG CNECT of the European Commission. I could not be happier with the path I chose for my studies and with the beginning of my professional life.


Maria José Schmidt-Kessen

Assistant Professor at Central European University
LL.M. Law in European and Global Context | 2010-2011

I graduated from the LL.M. in Law in a European and Global Context in 2011. The LL.M. at Católica put me on my career path, but I did not know it at the time! After writing a research thesis on the possibility of setting up a specialized EU intellectual property court I thought I’d had enough of academia. After training and working with several agencies and a law firm, however, I realized that I missed being in an international environment, developing my own ideas, engaging with societal developments, and learning something new every day. In a nutshell, all the things I had experienced during my LL.M. When I contacted my former professors to ask for guidance and support in applying for a PhD position at the European University Institute, I got very helpful replies, encouragements, reference letters… and was accepted for the PhD programme! Looking back at my experience at Católica, I realize that the structure of the LL.M., the small class sizes, the diverse student body, and the inspirational teachers all provided me with a perfect basis to embark in an international academic career – a decision that I have not regretted until this day.


Maria Rubina Silva 

    Trainee at EUIPO
    LL.M. Law in European and Global Context | 2020-2021

Through Católica Global School of Law’s partnership with EUIPO, I was able to recently embark on an exciting journey to kickstart my career in an IP-related field. I packed my bags and am now living and working full-time in sunny Alicante, Spain. This extraordinary opportunity will allow me, during the coming year, to refine and develop my skills; practice, be challenged and learn directly from the best; and build a professional network that will accompany me in years to come. I am extremely grateful to have been accepted to the PES Traineeship program and am sure this experience will enrichen me both professionally and personally and will prove the ideal beginning of a challenging and thrilling future in IP.


Rita Sobral

Associate at Cleary Gottlieb, New York
LL.M. Law in European and Global Context | 2012-2013

Looking back at my educational and international career trajectory (with enriching experiences across Europe, the United States and Latin America), there is no doubt in my mind that the time spent at Católica Global School of Law was a key driver to my personal and professional success and fulfillment. The LL.M. program on Law in a European and Global Context triggered my curiosity in unprecedented ways and allowed me to develop a very solid, innovation driven analytical skillset. I felt integrated in a community of extremely smart, passionate and collegial lawyers motivated to rethink the legal system and find creative solutions, and led by world renowned scholars on each of the matters we focused on. All this while living in sunny, beautiful Lisbon! I undoubtedly recommend this experience and would go through it again any day!