Located in the centre of the city, with an area of 37.000 m2, the Lisbon campus of Universidade Católica Portuguesa is composed of three buildings:

  • The João Paulo II University Library building (building 4)
  • The School of Theology, the School of Social Sciences and the School of Law complex (buildings 1, 2 and 3)
  • The School of Business and Economics building (building 5).

Numbered classrooms can be easily found using the map below. The first digit corresponds to the number of the building; the second to the floor; and the third one is the actual number of the classroom. So, for instance, room 421 is located on the second floor of building 4. Most of the LL.M. classes will take place on building 4, either on the first or second floor. Occasionally, classes may be held in other buildings.

Esquema Campus


Each of these buildings includes auditoriums, cafeterias, ATM machines, self-service photocopiers, computer rooms, among other facilities. To know more about the infrastructures that make up the campus, please visit this page

To serve the needs of the academic community, the campus provides a series of services designed for its students, professors, researchers and staff, including the João Paulo II University Library, a copy center, a bookshop, a stationery store, mental health services, and more. You can start getting familiarized with these services here.

As LL.M. students at CGSL, most of your administrative needs will be met by our superb and tireless team, namely Tânia Abreu Godinho (Executive Coordinator), Susana Baltazar (Programmes Assistant) and Joana Ventura Lagarto (Communications and Marketing Assistant).


There is a variety of transport options to get to campus:

  • Bus: Buses 764, 755 and 768 stop right next to the campus;
  • Metro: The closest metro stations are Cidade Universitária, on the yellow line, and Laranjeiras and Jardim Zoológico, both on the blue line.
  • Train: Different trains stop at Sete Rios, which is at a walking distance.
  • GPS: If you are using a car, the campus GPS coordinates are N 38º 44' 51,11'' and W 9º 10' 1,84''. Alternatively, you can simply type the name of the university on any maps app.

* Please note that the campus and its facilities are closed on the second fortnight of August, as well as on public holidays and Sundays.