Our Global Ph.D. Programme opens the doors to a wide variety of job opportunities all over the world, boosting your chances to pursue a rewarding and fulfilling career in legal academia or policy-making. Our Ph.D. graduates are highly sought after by academic institutions, international organizations and government agencies around the world.

Graduates of the Global Ph.D. Programme have gone on to become post-docs or faculty members in prestigious academic institutions, hold leadership positions in law schools and, outside academia, work for institutions like the United Nations and the International Monetary Fund.


Tito Rendas

Executive Dean at Católica Global School of Law
Global Ph.D. Programme | Ph.D.’20

Pursuing the Global Ph.D. was an experience that has profoundly shaped my career trajectory. Today, I proudly serve as the Executive Dean of Católica Global School of Law, a position I could only dream of when I started my doctoral journey. My experience at Católica has also opened doors for me to engage in teaching opportunities abroad, in institutions like Freie Universität Berlin and Stockholm University. These opportunities have not only enriched my career, but have also broadened my perspective on the global legal academic market.


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