Executive Education

Open-enrollment courses

Our Executive Education Programme enables legal professionals to acquire highly specialized training in cutting-edge areas of law in a flexible way. Through our open-enrollment seminars, you will be able to advance your knowledge in these areas, engage with our stellar faculty and build a renovated international network – all while keeping the freedom to develop your career.


Tailor-made training

Católica Global School of Law offers executive training programmes tailored according to the specific needs and challenges of your firm or in-house legal department. These courses are designed by our faculty to address the issues and topics identified by the firm, such as evolving trends and best practices in specific fields of law.

Our training solutions are designed to prepare the next generation of lawyers to think strategically and out of the box and to unlock their full potential, through interactive workshops, case studies and problem-based sessions. We invite you to partner with us and create a tailor-made training programme, gaining access to our world-class faculty.