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Professor Joseph Weiler writes on the Golden Passports case for the Verfassungsblog

Monday, April 15, 2024 - 15:00

In an article published in the prestigious Verfassungsblog, Professor Joseph H. H. Weiler, co-director of our LL.M. Law in a European and Global Context, discusses the case brought by the European Commission against Malta on the “passports for sale” program.

Contrasting the Maltese Golden Passports with the more common Golden Visa programs, Professor Weiler asks who of the two – Malta or the Commission – is really selling European values. “[W]hy pick just on Malta and not go after the 20 or so Member States, where quantitatively, the real serious risks lie?”, he asks, to conclude that “taking on 20 Member States which have different versions of Golden Visas posing such risks is a tad more difficult than taking on Super Power Malta”.

Read the full article here.