Antonia Markoviti

Antonia Markoviti

Associate Lawyer | Markoviti Law
LL.M. Law in a Digital Economy | 2020-2021

"Studying in Lisbon - one of the prettiest and culturally richest cities in Europe - is wonderful itself. What takes this experience many steps further is the asset of studying at one global law faculty following the latest international legal trends, Católica Global School of Law. The most exciting benefit is the big list of classes delivered by the intercontinental team of professors and practitioners coming from the world's top universities, biggest law firms and international institutions. In addition to that, the newly launched LL.M. Law in a Digital Economy I attended and the plenty of partnerships of CGSL guarantee a cutting-edge degree providing a better understanding of the combination of technology, law and economics at the best timing possible. " 



Helena Siebenrock

Helena Siebenrock

LL.B. - University of Aberdeen | 2018-2022
LL.M. Law in a Digital Economy | 2022-2023

The LL.M. programmes uniquely combine traditional seminars with skills sessions delivered by top legal experts preparing students both theoretically and practically for the future of law and technology.

The 'Technology Bootcamp for Lawyers' offered by Instituto Superior Técnico was a fantastic introduction to my LL.M. at CGSL. I was able to complement my legal knowledge with technical knowledge which allowed me to gain a better understanding of many of the technological systems the law deals with. Going forward, I know what I've learnt will not only be useful in my studies but also in my professional career.

_Lúcia Frazão

Lúcia Frazão

Blue Book Trainee at the European Commission (DG CNECT)
LL.M. Law in a Digital Economy | 2020-2021

It was the LL.M. Law in a Digital Economy at Católica Global School of Law that gave me the core skills to initiate my career in the DG CNECT of the European Commission. I could not be happier with the path I chose for my studies and with the beginning of my professional life.


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