Following their LL.M. year in Lisbon, students are encouraged to spend an additional semester abroad, taking advantage of the exchange agreements that Católica Global School of Law has with a select group of top law schools from Europe, North America, South America and Asia. Each of these schools reserves a specific number of places for students from Católica Global School of Law to spend a semester. The semester abroad allows our students to have contact with different pedagogical and research methods, as well as to experience life in another country, while carrying on studying at a top law school.

Under these agreements, admission to our partner schools begins with the semester abroad application process at Católica Global School of Law, which takes place between November and December. Each student nominated by Católica for a semester abroad will then be subject to the approval of the host institution.

Double Degree

Besides these exchange agreements, Católica Global School of Law has double degree programmes with foreign schools, which involve spending a year at those institutions in order to obtain a second LL.M.


Tomás Burns

Exchange semester at Cornell Law School, 2022-2023
LL.M. International Business Law, 2021-2022

I have realized that I could not have made a better choice. My time in Ithaca has been nothing but eventful, allowing me to immerse myself in both the American legal system and the American university experience. At school, classes were thought-provoking and I had the privilege of being lectured by incredible professors who engaged with students in a very open and friendly way. Outside of school, I was fortunate in fully integrating myself with the campus lifestyle and had a lot of fun.


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