foto_Maria Pena Ermida

Maria Pena Ermida

Global Ph.D. Programme | Current student

With my research focus being Law of the Sea, specifically on the governance of Areas Beyond National Jurisdiction, finding a program that catered to a purely international law perspective was paramount. Católica Global School of Law offered precisely this. Its flexible and adaptable environment, where I could shape my curriculum according to my interests and research needs, as well as all the reputed and hands-on scholars willing to assist you every step of the way, make this Ph.D. program truly one of a kind.

Miguel do Carmo Mota_foto

Miguel do Carmo Mota

Global Ph.D. Programme | Current student

At a time in which legal scholarship increasingly transcends the borders of national jurisdictions, the idea that prospective scholars should follow suit in that trend has always stuck with me. As such, CGSL’s Global Ph.D in Law provides the perfect platform for achieving that goal. Besides the constant contact with a transnational faculty, researchers and colleagues, the programme also fosters the participation in research stays abroad, international conferences, and international publications. For scholars seeking to ply their trade beyond the confines of their own four walls, the Global Ph.D is a perfect way to start treading that path. 

Salar Abbasi_photo

Salar Abbasi

Alexander von Humboldt Post-Doctoral Fellow at LMU Munich
Global Ph.D. Programme | Ph.D.’20

The Ph.D. programme provided a rigorous environment where I could immerse myself in extensive research and critical thinking in law. It cultivated my abilities in independent thinking, structural development of the dissertation, and effective communication with my supervisors. Católica also facilitates meaningful connections and collaborations with globally renowned professors and law schools, giving doctoral students the unique opportunity to benefit from a truly international academic enterprise. The guidance and mentorship I received from experienced professors provided me with invaluable insights that continues to shape my career even after completing the programme.


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