Building a successful career in law is a process that begins before entering the job market, and understanding how to navigate it effectively can make a world of difference. The mission of our Career Office is to support students in this journey, facilitating their engagement with potential employers through a distinctive and personalized service.

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The Career Office caters to the needs of both undergraduate and postgraduate students by promotting activities geared towards preparing them for the job market:

1. Guidance Sessions
Personalized guidance and advice on a one-on-one basis.

2. CV and Personal Statement Revision
Assistance with refining writing techniques, selecting strategic information, and accentuating strong aspects within each student's academic record.

3. On-Campus Presentations
Information sessions conducted by law firms, alumni, and other recruiting entities.

4. Open Days at Recruiters’ Headquarters
Visits to the offices that may become the students' future workplaces.

5. On-Campus Interviews
Interviews held on campus by law firms and recruiting agencies.

6. Traineeships and Job Offers
Promotion of job opportunities in companies, public agencies, and law firms that have established partnerships with Católica.

7. Workshops and Seminars
Sessions focused on developing soft skills highly valued by employers.

8. JobShop
A unique initiative enabling students to engage in personal contact with potential employers at Católica.


For more detailed information, please explore the Career Office’s page: