LL.M. International Business Law

Program Description


September - July



Full-Time (1 Year)
or Part-Time (2 Years)

This LL.M. is one of the few programmes specifically designed for legal professionals who seek to develop a career in international business law. The programme offers an innovative approach to transnational, Anglo-American and European business law, covering a wide range of topics, such as contracts, project finance, commercial and investment arbitration, corporate law, securities regulation, EU internal market, and international tax law.

It exceeds the expectations and demands of both experienced lawyers, who want to deepen their skills and knowledge, and young associates seeking to enhance their opportunities to develop an active and international career in business law. It also provides an environment in which those who seek an academic career can hone their academic skills while specializing in specific areas of law.

Every year, the student body at Católica Global School of Law is composed of students from a wide range of nationalities and professional backgrounds. During the academic year, enrolment in specific LL.M. seminars is made available to external practitioners, who are not attending the programme full-time. Their participation not only enhances the programme’s diversity and increases the breath of intellectual conversation, but provides a networking opportunity for both the LL.M. students and those legal professionals.

Moreover, our outstanding faculty includes prominent scholars from prestigious American and European universities and top lawyers from international law firms. Using interactive and innovative teaching methods, our faculty is able to apply Católica’s extensive and modern resources to engage students in an exciting and meaningful way.

The Case Method

Classes will have a dual nature, emphasizing both practice and theory. Through the application of the “case method” teaching technique, students will be faced with difficult, yet practical problem-solving scenarios where in-depth analysis and reasoning will have to be applied. Serious preparation outside class is required. Class discussion is encouraged and will generally be factored into the students’ final grade.

This LL.M. is a one-year full-time programme, running from September to July.  Students must complete a total of 60 ECTS to meet the LL.M. degree requirements.

Students may choose to enrol in the programme on a part-time basis, extending the coursework over two academic years. This option allows busy professionals to set their own pace of study.


Ranked by Eduniversal among the
best masters in Western Europe

Semester Abroad

Following their LL.M. year in Lisbon, students are encouraged to spend an additional semester abroad, taking advantage of the exchange agreements that Católica Global School of Law has with a select group of top law schools from Europe, North America, South America and Asia. Each of these schools reserves a specific number of places for students from Católica Global School of Law to spend a semester. The semester abroad allows our students to have contact with different pedagogical and research methods, as well as to experience life in another country, while carrying on studying at a top law school.

Under these agreements, admission to our partner schools begins with the semester abroad application process at Católica Global School of Law, which takes place between November and December. Each student nominated by Católica for a semester abroad will then be subject to the approval of the host institution.

Besides these exchange agreements, Católica Global School of Law has double degree programmes with foreign schools, which involve spending a year at those institutions in order to obtain a second LL.M.

Master’s Thesis

Students that enroll in the Master of Transnational Law programme (3rd semester) and that successfully submit and defend a master's thesis will receive a Masters Diploma, according to the Bologna Declaration.




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Católica Global School of Law

E-mail: catolica.law.sede@ucp.pt

Phone: (+351) 214 269 860


​João Leite de Carvalho

Head of J+NEXT | J+Legal
"It is a program facing the present and future."

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