Generative AI for Lawyers

2 ECTS / 12h / English

Designed in partnership with Microsoft Portugal, this seminar aims to equip students with essential knowledge on what generative AI is and with the skills necessary to leverage this technology in legal practice. Through a combination of lectures and hands-on exercises, the seminar will address crucial ethical and legal considerations surrounding the use of generative AI, empowering students to deal with the opportunities and challenges raised by these tools in a critical and responsible manner.

In particular, students will learn how to address a number of risks associated with the use of generative AI in law, such as hallucination, memorization, and confidentiality. In addition, they will explore a number of use cases and practical applications of AI in law, covering topics like document ingestion and management, virtual assistants, and decision-making and predictive analysis. By the end of the seminar, students will hopefully have a solid grasp of the fundamentals of generative AI and be capable of implementing it effectively and ethically in their day-to-day.


Tito Rendas is Executive Dean at Católica Global School of Law, where he also co-coordinates the LL.M. in Law in a Digital Economy, Assistant Professor at…