Openness and Innovation

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Católica stands out for its capacity for innovation while promoting the integrity and excellence of its research and teaching. We are an inclusive institution which encourages intercultural exchange and openness to the outside world, both via our connections to business environ­­ments and the internationalisation of our campus.

Católica Global School of Law deploys a highly qualified team of lecturers, who draw the content of their classes from both practical experience and groundbreaking scholarly research, using cutting-edge pedagogical methodologies to nurture the critical spirit of students. Classes are taught in relatively small groups, with discussions of relevant topics taking place essentially on a face-to-face basis. This enables us to provide close assistance to all students and contributes towards a uniquely personal academic experience.

Católica is also a community that is fully aware of its social responsibilities, with a strong, collaborative and dynamic academic spirit. This is reflected in the ongoing daily activities and events organized by our faculty, students and associations.

Career Prospects

The degrees obtained at Católica, coupled with the constant attention the University pays to the evolution of the skills required by the labour market, contribute to the high rates of employability attained by our students. As a University, Católica currently boasts an employment rate of 97.5% (2020) for Undergraduate Degrees and Integrated Masters programmes.

At Católica Global School of Law, students receive a continuous and supportive follow-up from our Career Office. Our career development team regularly promotes interactions between students and employers, including job fairs, employability workshops, on-campus networking events, summer internships, among others.

Católica has many leading professionals across various private and public institutions, nationally and internationally, among its alumni. The University prides itself on the skills and life projects developed by its students, which ensure they have the highest professional prospects. At Católica Global School of Law, we have seen our graduates appointed by different international organizations, European institutions, governmental agencies, multinational companies, and major law firms around the world.



Católica has long since nurtured internationalisation, welcoming different cultures and respecting the difference of the approximately 90 student nationalities who attend its programmes across the different schools. At Católica Global School of Law, the average percentage of foreign students has been steadily rising, having reached more than 80% in 2022-2023.

Mobility, through exchange programs with partner universities, also constitutes an important component for the overall training of our students. Católica Global School of Law has numerous cooperation agreements in effect with prestigious institutions from all around the world and is a member of renowned teaching and research networks, such as the Law Schools Global League and the European Law School Network.

What our students and faculty say

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