Data Science for Lawyers

3 ECTS / 18h / English

The increasing volume of available and processed data in the legal market has enabled sophisticated and complex analysis. Lawyers who can make decisions and arguments based on quantitative evidence have a strong competitive advantage in their profession. In this seminar, students will learn the fundamentals of statistics in order to interpret legal big data. Four steps of data science in the law are covered, using mainly accessible tools such as spreadsheets: data acquisition, cleaning, exploration and visualization. Students will develop sufficient understanding of data science to be able to engage and work alongside data analysts, economists, managers, computer scientists and others either as team leaders or valuable team members in law firms, legal departments, courts and other private and public legal institutions.


Ivar Hartmann is an Associate Professor of Law at Insper (São Paulo). Before joining Insper, he was a Professor at FGV Law School in Rio de Janeiro, where he…