Our Vision

At Católica Global School of Law, we strive to be leaders in what we do, providing cutting-edge legal education and assuring we position ourselves among the top global law schools in the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is twofold.

First, we are committed to continuously develop innovative programmes to set the students up for the next 30 years, helping them pursue international legal careers at the highest professional levels. To achieve this goal, we have gathered a remarkable faculty, with scholars and practitioners who embrace the teaching approach envisioned in our programmes.

Second, we aim at producing ground-breaking legal research, ensuring wide access to the knowledge that is produced at Católica. That is why we have been recruiting some of the most promising academics in their fields of study for our resident faculty – scholars who are capable of conducting collaborative and impactful research.

Our Values
  • Deliver cutting-edge legal education
  • Have societal impact at a national and international level 
  • Develop fresh thinking frameworks
  • Generate top-level legal research
  • Promote ethical behaviour
  • Foster diversity and inclusivity in our student body