Economics of Digitation

2 ECTs / 10h / English

We live in an increasingly digital economy. Information technology has already transformed almost every market and advances in artificial intelligence will further lead to important changes throughout the economy. The seminar Economics of Digitization introduces students to some of the fundamental economic concepts required to take part in a discussion of regulation in the digital era.
We will cover simple economic models of innovation and competition, network effects, and multi-sided platforms. A large part of the course will be focused on applying these concepts to some of the most pressing regulatory questions: copyright reform, consumer protection and privacy, and anti-trust in the digital economy. The course will provide students with a hands-on introduction to the current state of research on the economics of digitization.


Invited Professor
Christian Peukert is Associate Professor of Digitization, Innovation and Intellectual Property at HEC Lausanne, University of Lausanne, Switzerland. His…