2 ECTs / 12h / English

 “There are no born leaders” – this is the assumption in which the Program is based. Leaders are made, it is all a question of practice, guided and disciplined practice.


Identify and understand best leadership practices



 12 hours (three days)



Very interactive Sessions, through the realization of various activities in the room ("Value Cards"; "Inspiring Shared Vision"; "Strategy Game", "Broken Squares"; "Toss it Around"; "Where should I go") and didactic presentation of videos.

Learning Outcomes

The question “Which are the key Leadership practices?” will trigger a search for learning on:

Values - Why is it important to clarify and declare my Values? What do I really stand for? How can I define a process to discuss our Values as a team or as a community?

Vision - What defines an inspiring Vision? How can I engage in a process to build a Vision together with my team or my community?

Process Challenge - Why is it important to continuously challenge myself? What do I need to do for that to happen? How can I create a solid process to stay on top of “what is happening”? Importance of Risk Taking and Small Wins.

Trust & Heart - What makes a trusting individual? How to build a trustful environment? Which are the actions that generate powerful or powerless team members? How important is to recognise and reward individual and team performance? What is a meaningful recognition? Why is it so important to celebrate success?

Typically, the course will also lead to a discussion on:

Is the role of Emotional Intelligence more important than IQ?
What makes a “Meritocracy”?

The ability to Listen as Enabler and “Power Distance” as Preventer. Importance of Cultural Awareness


Invited Professor
Nuno Moreira da Cruz has a Law Degree at the Catholic University in Lisbon, a master’s degree in European Studies at the College of Europe in Bruges (Belgium…