Competition Law I  

4 ECTs / 24h / English

The course focuses on Articles 101 and 102 Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) (the EU Competition rules). The EU competition rules prohibit agreements between undertakings which restrict competition and affect trade between Member States as well as the abuse of a dominant position by an undertaking within a substantial part of the EU internal market. A comparative approach with US Antitrust rules (s1 and s2 of the Sherman Act) will be used throughout the course. The course will also cover EU control of mergers but will not compare these rules with the equivalent ones in the US. The course will cover the following matters: the nature and objectives of competition/antitrust law and policy; the application of Article 101 and s1 Sherman Act to horizontal and vertical agreements; the meaning of “dominance” and “abuse” and its equivalent s2 Sherman Act; the basics of merger control in the EU.


Invited Professor
Rosa Greaves, Professor Emeritus dr juris h.c. MAE, Barrister, was formerly Professor of European Commercial Law at the University of Glasgow (Scotland, UK…