Call For Papers | Multilateral cooperation and transnational legal integration

Friday, June 3, 2022 - 19:34

Católica Research Centre for the Future of Law will be hosting the Católica Graduate Legal Research Conference | Multilateral cooperation and transnational legal integration on 13th and 14th October 2022.

We welcome submissions in all fields of law from graduate (particularly, Ph.D. level) students. Submissions are not bound by the topic of the conference, but preference will be given to papers that address legal issues concerning the discussion of the state of multilateral cooperation and transnational regulatory trends in the world, such as:

  • Conceptual and practical models for international cooperation at the public and private level (international institutionalism, self-regulatory practices, etc.);
  • International regulation of financial and banking businesses;
  • Humanitarian aid and use of cooperative forms of police and military action;
  • Regulation and cooperation in health policy and businesses;
  • International sales of goods and related transactions;
  • International data transfers and protection of consumers;
  • Regulation of online commerce, digital platforms, technological developments;
  • Judiciary cooperation and international adjudication of disputes at a civil, commercial and criminal level.

Send your abstract (500 words max.) and short bio (100 words max.) to, until June 30th.

Accommodation sponsored by Católica in a hotel close to campus. Alternatively, the Conference will be open to those who prefer to attend virtually, via Zoom.

Relevant dates:
  • June 30th: submission of abstracts and bios.
  • July 11th: successful applicants will be informed.
  • September 16th: final papers are due.
  • October 13th and 14th: conference dates.

    call for papers