Litigating before European Courts

2 ECTS / 12h / English

The course intends to foster students’ awareness of the several forms of action and remedies available in Europe to protect EU law rights, and provide the necessary skills to understand and initiate said judicial proceedings.

In this light, the course is based on two fundamental pillars: (i) forms of action before the EU courts; and (ii) remedies in national courts.

The course covers mainly litigation initiated by private parties, therefore excluding the institutional dimensions of European procedural law.

Classes follow the Socratic method and the case method. The course is based on one hypothetical case, and students’ participation and discussion is required. For such purpose, students are provided beforehand with a list of materials (mostly courts’ decisions) that they should prepare before classes.


Patrícia Fragoso Martins is a Professor of Law at Católica Lisbon School of Law, where she originally graduated, later obtained a M. Phil., and a Ph.D. in…