The Law of Media Broadcasting and Sports

2 ECTS / 12h / English

The aim of this seminar is, on the one hand, to provide students with an understanding of the different legal sources (lex sportiva, EU and EU Member-States domestic legal framework) involved in the governance of media broadcasting of sports events and, in general, in the governance of the relations between media and sport, and how those sources articulate with one another in the governance of the various legal problems arising in this context as described in the syllabus. It aims, on the other hand to offer students the possibility of knowing and critically discuss and assess the solutions provided by those sources to the main legal problems presently posed in the existing multiplatform media market relating to sports and to sports events. The syllabus also intends to develop research skills, namely the ability to lay out new questions arising in the media market related to sports and analyze such questions from a critical perspective.


António Frada de Sousa studied Law at the law School of the Portuguese Catholic University (Licenciatura - LL.B. and Doutoramento - Ph.D.), at the Law School…
Nuno Sousa e Silva is a Portuguese qualified lawyer (partner at PTCS Advogados) working mainly in the fields of Intellectual Property (patents, copyright…