Católica Global School of Law partners up with Fundação José Neves

Monday, March 28, 2022 - 10:53

In pursuance of its financial support strategy, Católica Global School of Law has concluded a partnership with Fundação José Neves (FJN), making its LL.M. programmes eligible for funding under FJN’s Income Share Agreement model.

Noticia - Pareceria FJN

The partnership enables students who wish to apply to Católica Global School of Law’s LL.M. programmes to have their tuition fees fully covered by FJN. Under the Income Share Agreement model, students will only have to reimburse the fees after entering the job market and if they reach a pre-determined level of income. If, for any reason, the scholarship holder sees his or her income fall below that level, FJN will adjust the reimbursement amounts, so that they are always in line with the holder’s financial abilities.

FJN’s scholarships are aimed at candidates who reside in Portugal and hold Portuguese citizenship.

The application process is entirely online-based. To apply, students will need to access ISA FJN’s portal, select ‘Universidade Católica Portuguesa’ and look up for Católica Global School of Law’s LL.M. programmes.

For more information about this unique opportunity to carry on studying without financial concerns, you can visit FJN’s website or check out this one-pager.