Platform Regulation

2 ECTS / 12h / English

Online platforms are increasingly entering spaces of daily lives. From participating in online learning experience or creating content on social media spaces, individuals, as users, do not only spend their time in online spaces but also exercise rights and freedoms. The critical role of online platforms in shaping the digital society leads to focusing on the regulatory model to deal with the products and services they provide to the market. Indeed, despite their increasing role, online platforms, as private actors, are primarily driven by business purposes. This situation characterises the tensions about platform regulation at the intersection between market and democracy. This course primarily focuses on the regulatory questions raised by online platforms and then focuses on some regulatory areas, including content and data


Giovanni De Gregorio is the PLMJ Chair in Law and Technology at Católica Global School of Law and Católica Lisbon School of Law. He is also a member of the…