Global Law and Digital Technologies  

4 ECTS / 24h / English

This seminar explores the relationship between global law and digital technologies. It will provide a basic introduction to the foundational technologies of the digital age—the binary system, computation, and the Internet—as well as to rapidly developing digital technologies such as cloud computing, the Internet of Things, distributed ledgers (blockchain), and artificial intelligence / machine learning. These technologies transcend the jurisdictional boundaries of individual countries due to factors ranging from the interconnectedness of the Internet and the hyper-mobility of data to the economic interests of global business and their customers in technologies they can deploy and use almost anywhere. Leveraging global law theory, students will learn how to navigate the mesh of national, transnational, and international legal structures that governs digital technologies.


Thomas Streinz is the Executive Director of Guarini Global Law & Tech, Adjunct Professor of Law, and Fellow at the Institute for International Law and Justice…