Copyright Licensing

2 ECTS / 12h / English

This seminar provides a concise and, yet, in-depth analysis of individual and collective models of copyright licensing that evidence how digital settings have challenged right-holders’ management and remuneration opportunities in the past two decades.  In particular, lectures will emphasize how new digital business models have empowered and, at the same time, challenged individual creators and content owners’ traditional business models. The seminar draws on Europe’s cultural and linguistic diversity to show how a great variety of creative sectors exploit and rely upon copyright and related rights: music, TV and films, book and newspaper publishing, software and videogames. The seminar critically evaluates policy initiatives and legislation the EU has implemented in the past few years to standardize, streamline and modernize the conditions of rights clearance regarding copyright works and other cultural resources. It also aims at assessing whether EU law fosters business practices that have enabled an effective pan-European flow of diverse creative works.


Giuseppe Mazziotti is the Abreu Professor in Law and Innovation at Católica Global School of Law and the Centre on the Future of Law at Universidade Católica…