Executive Education

Católica Global School of Law offers executive training programmes tailored according to the specific needs and challenges of your law firm or in house legal departments. These courses are specifically designed by our Professors to address the issues and themes identified by the company or firm, such as evolving trends and best practices on a wide range of legal specializations.

 We believe that our in house programs are food for the thought as they are designed to educate the next generation of leaders and encourage high potential attorneys to think strategically and out of the box and to unlock their full potential. We help achieving operational excellence and results through a series of workshops and case studies, expert facilitated discussions and a close interaction among the group lawyers and Católica’s Global School of Law distinguished Professors.

Católica Global School of Law works closely with selected global law firms to develop strategic solutions to their business challenges and to prepare lawyers for new levels of leadership in their careers.

We invite you to partner with us and create a tailor-made programme gaining access to our world-class faculty.