European Securities Regulation  

2 ECTs / 12h / English

The course will examine some of the main corporate governance issues recently discussed in Europe, which will be analysed functionally across systems, focussing on boards, shareholder activism, gatekeepers and enforcement. We will pick up things like the trade off between EU level and member state level requirements, differences between Member States, governance changes and reforms coming out of the new economy bubble and the recent financial crisis. In addition to analysing past and current EU developments, we will focus on four jurisdictions (France, Germany, Italy and the UK) and make references to other Member States. We shall read economic and legal materials and discuss case studies, including well known financial scandals (Parmalat and Vivendi) and recent bank failures or frauds (Northern Rock, Royal Bank of Scotland, UBS and Société Générale).


Invited Professor
Jorge Brito Pereira is a Senior Lecturer at the Catholic University in Lisbon. He is Partner of PLMJ (admitted 1988, admitted to partnership 1997), the…