Angelina Spilnyk, President of ELSA Ukraine, is the recipient of the ELSA Scholarship 2023-2024

Thursday, June 1, 2023 - 15:51


Angelina Spilnyk_photo_1

Católica Global School of Law is thrilled to announce the winner of its yearly scholarship awarded in collaboration with the European Law Students’ Association (ELSA). This scholarship aims to recognize the academic potential and leadership skills of an applicant to one of our LL.M. programmes who is also a member of ELSA. After careful consideration, the selection committee has named Angelina Spilnyk, President of ELSA Ukraine, as the recipient of the highly coveted scholarship.

Upon receiving the news, Angelina expressed her gratitude and excitement. "Receiving the scholarship held significant value for me, as the war in Ukraine brought changes to my family’s financial situation. Since the beginning of the war, I have provided for myself independently and financially supported my relatives. In such a situation, it isn't easy to save for education. I am grateful to the university and ELSA, the association to which I devoted the last three years, for the opportunity given to me".

As to why she chose to apply to Católica Global School of Law, Angelina mentioned that she "first heard about Católica as a partner of ELSA International". "But what brought my attention", she added, "was the speech of Professor Tito Rendas during the last International Council Meeting of ELSA in Malta. It gave me a broader understanding of the values the university shares, innovative educational approaches and possibilities after graduation".

The President of ELSA International, Yuri van Steenwijk, also shared his thoughts on the selection process and praised the recipient. "I would like to congratulate Angelina, the current President of ELSA Ukraine, for being selected as the winner of the scholarship among a pool of many convincing applicants. I am sure that she will represent ELSA well during her no-doubt amazing year spent getting a world-class international legal education in Lisbon".

The scholarship is the product of a longstanding and fruitful collaboration between Católica Global School of Law and ELSA. Católica takes immense pride in providing opportunities for promising students to pursue their LL.M. studies and make a positive impact on society. By awarding this scholarship, Católica and ELSA aim to inspire law students to strive for excellence in their academic path.

For more information about the ELSA Scholarship and other financial support opportunities offered by Católica Global School of Law, please visit our scholarships page.