International Debt Finance  

2 ECTs / 12h / English

This short course will focus on the Euro area debt crisis of 2009-14 and use it as a window into understanding the key legal aspects of the workings of the international market for government debt.  Students will be introduced to the considerations that go into structuring a sovereign debt deal and the front end and to those that go into a restructuring at the back end.  Particular attention will be paid to some of the major events that have occurred in this market in recent years, such as the monumental Greek debt restructuring in March 2012 and the Argentine default in July 2014.  The course will conclude with a discussion of the current state of Portugal’s sovereign debt situation. 


Invited Professor
Mitu Gulati is on the faculty of the Duke University School of Law.  Gulati’s primary research interests are in the historical evolution of sovereign debt…