Comparative and Global Administrative Law  

1.5 ECTs / 10h / English

The purpose of this seminar is to explain how global rules develop alongside global markets. The course will address the following questions: What is global governance? Is there a private law or a constitutional law framework of global regulation? Are global standards addressed to national governments or to citizens? Is the global administrative process subject to global principles of law? How do national interest groups interact with global regulators? Are global regulators’ decisions subject to judicial review? What is the role of transnational relations in the global legal order? Does legal globalization benefit developed countries more than less developed countries? Does the increasing body of global regulation and adjudication produce a universal administrative law or an Americanization of domestic laws? Both the legal and the political ramifications of the above issues will be considered.


Invited Professor
Justice Emeritus of the Italian Constitutional Court and Emeritus professor at the Scuola Normale Superiore of Pisa. He teaches at the Luiss University…