Julie Klein


Julie Klein is Full Professor at Sciences Po. She holds a PhD in private law from the University Paris II Panthéon-Assas in 2010 and passed the agrégation examination in private law and criminal science in 2011. Prior to joining Sciences Po Law School, she was Professor of private law at the University of Rouen (2011-2019), where she served as director of the Master’s degree in General Private law, and taught law of obligations, economic law, corporate law and business criminal law. Her PHD thesis was dealing with the starting point of limitations period (Economica 2013). She conducts research in law of obligations (contracts, torts), economic law, and focuses on the confrontation of the rules of civil law and commercial law. In charge of the general regime of obligations chronicle at the Revue des contrats (since 2012), she participated in the working group on the reform of the regime of obligations under the aegis of the Ministry of Justice (2011-2012).