LL.M. Law in a European and Global Context

Program Description


September - July



Full-Time (1 Year)

​Key Benefits
  • Academic credential: Obtain a highly respected academic credential from Portugal’s No. 1 university, according to the Times Higher Education World University Ranking.
  • Learning experience: Develop your critical thinking and problem solving skills with our unique pedagogical approach, which will help you broaden your perspective and make you a more culturally sensitive practitioner.
  • Flexibility: Choose from a wide array of courses in fields like human rights, climate change law, and sports law, and tailor your curriculum to your personal interests and career plans.
  • Career opportunities: Improve your global career prospects and access a wide range of opportunities in international organizations, European institutions, government agencies, and major law firms.
  • Networking: Connect with peers and faculty members from all over the world and with diverse professional and academic backgrounds.


This is a programme like no other offered in Europe. It is not simply one more programme focusing on European and International Law. Its purpose is to teach Law in a European and Global Context, employing innovative teaching methodologies and giving students access to a stellar international faculty.

A growing number of legal actors – lawyers, judges, policymakers and other legal professionals – increasingly need to operate in the context of multiple jurisdictions and be comfortable working with different legal sources. At the same time, economic and social integration promotes the cross-jurisdictional character of cases for which lawyers are called on to give legal assistance. This has also given rise to an emerging global market for legal services. All this requires a different type of lawyer from the traditional lawyer trained exclusively in a particular domestic legal system. It requires a truly international legal education, where courses are specifically tailored to meet the challenges of this pluralist legal landscape. That is exactly the ambition of this LL.M. programme.

Students enrolled in this LL.M. will face a significant challenge: the programme will demand a sustained level of very high commitment, preparation and engagement. But the rewards will be rich, both in intellectual excitement and professional development.


Ranked by Eduniversal among the
best masters in Western Europe

The Total Law™ Approach

The programme adopts the approach to teaching that Joseph H. H. Weiler has coined as Total Law™ – a bold pedagogical and intellectual break with the traditional ways of teaching law.

We believe that law can only be fully understood and properly and effectively practiced in its context. Our aim is to make students better – much better – lawyers by explaining how the economic, social and political context shapes legal problems and impacts the thinking about their solutions. The discipline is law. The focus is law. But the premise is that law cannot be understood, nor practiced competently without understanding its wider context.

Total Law™ implies a commitment to pro-active learning – an approach that requires a lot from both students and instructors. We cannot accept spectators and free riders. Students cannot go to Theatre School and then, when asked to recite, claim they suffer from Stage Fright. Students cannot come to the study of law, an eminently communicative discipline, and then sit quietly in the back, passively taking notes. Not, at least, in this programme.


Masters' Thesis

Following the one-year LL.M. programme, research-driven students have the option of enrolling for a third semester and produce a masters’ thesis. The students that successfully write, submit, and defend their thesis will be awarded the Master of Transnational Law diploma, according to the Bologna Declaration.

23 Students

25 Average Age 
14 Nationalities
30 Nationalities
(LL.M.’24 Class)




General Contacts

Católica Global School of Law

E-mail: catolica.law.sede@ucp.pt

Phone: (+351) 214 269 860


Iulia Vaccar

Iulia Madalina Vacar

Exchange semester at Cornell Law School | 2021-2022
All classes are conducted in a socratic and dialogical way.