Advanced Courses

Advanced Courses


1. Law in a Digital Economy

Everyone agrees that technology is deeply affecting all domains of our life, posing new issues to the legal system. The mainstream approach is to look at technology as the ultimate threat to the very fabric of the legal system, as well as to basic rights and freedoms of individuals. That, apparently, will not preclude our economy from entering in a mature digital age. But apart from looking to new developments in the technology sector as a threat, one can also look to these advances as an opportunity to actually improve the enforcement or compliance of the same basic rights or freedoms of individuals; or alternatively to take these advances just as a challenge, a fact of life lying ahead of us.

In the courses offered in the programme ‘Law in a Digital Economy’, students are asked to consider the impacts of technology according to these different perspectives, and to understand how law must evolve in order to adjust to the emerging digital economy.

This programme is offered also to external students, who will receive a certificate of attendance of the course(s).

Law in Context

Tomorrow's practitioners will only be able to competently advise legislators, start-ups and Big Tech if they understand how digital technologies work and what their broader implications are.


Global Focus

Católica Global School of Law has been a pioneer in teaching law from a global perspective. This programme is no exception.


Total Law Approach

The discipline is Law. The focus is Law. But the premise is that Law cannot be understood, nor practiced professionally and competentely without understanding its broader contexts. Total law requires pro-active learning.